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Something is coming...

...for Spotify

Spend time with the artists you love,
instead of juggling playlists!

One-click retrieval of all artist tracks,
alphabetically displayed!

Keep track of the artists you love,
and even the artists you don't!

Forget the 10 000 limit!
Unlimited number of artists!
Unlimited number of tracks!

Get automatic PERSONAL update
notifications for all your artists!

Instant new tracks retrieval,
and library list nesting!

Cross device, in the cloud,
sync and storage!

Remote control playback on Spotify clients!
(Spotify Premium account required)

Automatically generate playlists,
according to your specifications!

Set tempo, mood, instrumental, energy,
dance, acoustic, style and more!

One-click playlist generation,
from your ever growing library
of music that YOU LIKE!