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A brief introduction to Tracker for Spotify

A walk-through tutorial of Tracker for Spotify

Tracker for Spotify is a music collectors tool that focuses on artists and tracks instead of playlists. The idea is to stay updated with the artists you love while building your personal music library. Playlists are generated from your library per your preferences and are published and updated on demand. We like to think that this gives users back control of their music library.

Tracker is currently in beta and completely free to use during this stage. Changes, fixes and improvements are continuously rolled out, much based on users feedback and code events. Once we feel that Tracker is a complete product, a minor fee will be required for continued service.

Features and Advantages of using Tracker for Spotify:

  • Unlimited Library Size - 10 000 tracks, 100 000 tracks!, 1 million tracks!! All possible using Tracker cause there is absolutely no limit to how many tracks and artists you can add to your library.
  • Personal Update Notifications - Tracker will mark your artists with a blue dot when new material is available! Enter the artist page and get the update when you choose. New tracks are marked in a blue color so you can differentiate between tracks you had from before, tracks that are new and tracks that are in your library. This makes maintaining and comparing tracks a breeze.
  • Library Track Memory - Tracker will always remember your library tracks, also when no longer available on Spotify. They will show up as unplayable but will remain until you choose to remove them. This way you will no longer forget a track just because its no longer on Spotify, and it is easy to replace them when alternate versions appear through updates.
  • Browsing Friendly - Tracks and artists are displayed alphabetically and can be both filtered and searched. Cover size, text size, font type and text formatting can be changed to fit your eyes and device perfectly.
  • Import Playlists - It is likely that you already have some playlists with your favourite tracks. These can be imported to Tracker, adding your artists and tracks to the library. We have set a (very high) limit to prevent function abuse, so once a library has more than 50 000 tracks, import of playlists is no longer permitted.
  • Security - Everything is syncronized to the cloud with backups. All communications are encrypted. Should a device crash, simply fire up a new install of Tracker and everything is where it was. You can use Tracker on muliple devices and stay in sync. Tracker will soon be available for other platforms as well.

The story behind Tracker for Spotify

I've always been very interested in music, and my daytime job allows me to listen to it for hours every day. It was only natural that after so many years collecting CDs and LPs, I'd find myself trying to do the same thing in Spotify.

But that was easier in theory than reality, cause with sudden access to a world of music, it didnt take long before I felt overwhelmed and frustrated. After months of trying to create som order in my playlists, I realized that it was more work than pleasure and got disillusioned.

For I while, I tried to go back to old school collecting again, but losing access to all that music felt wrong, since I realized where the future of music was.

Browsing through various apps without finding a good solution, I eventually discovered the Spotify API. Today, approx 18 months later, Tracker for Spotify has been published as a tool to solve all my issues with collecting music in Spotify.

I've already used it daily for more than 6 months at the office, on a small tablet next to my monitor, where i control everything, including playback through the Spotify client running on my main computer.

This is just one possible usage scenario, and since I dont know of any other tool out there that provide similar functionality, I decided to release it, hopefully making order in the Spotify music libraries of my fellow music lovers.

Because I initially created it for my own needs, and use it daily, you can be sure I will keep it up and running for a long long time.

I hope you like it as much as I do.

Tracker for Spotify

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